Increase productivity,

minimize liability.

My Road Patrol

assists drivers and patrollers with vehicle pre-trip inspections, and road maintenance personnel in recording weather, road and deficiency observations. It increases productivity, minimizes liability and facilitates compliance with minimum road maintenance standards.

Unlimited Accessibility

Access your data through mobile devices and the web. They work seamlessly to co-ordinate your data both in the office and on the go.

Data Integrity

All data captured is stamped and forward to our servers for reporting. This provide accurate data logging that meats today's compliance requirements.


Keep all your forms together and share it with other applications. Implement features like signature capture, GPS, real-time data and more.

Easy to Use

Design from the ground up to be easy to use on today's smart phones and tablets.

Pre-trip Inspections

Pre-Trip module

assists drivers and patrollers with vehicle pre-trip inspections. This easy to use form will also email maintenance staff in event of a deficiency along with any driver notes and images.

  • Electronic log for pre-trip (circle check) compliance
  • Automated emails to vehicle maintenance team in the event of a deficiency
  • Capture drivers' signature, defect images, time stamp and GPS location
  • Web based dashboard and reporting for maintenance staff
  • Integration to existing vehicle maintenance software to "close the loop"

Key Features

Time and Location Stamp

Automatically stamps all observations with time and location using its internal GPS

Real-Time Data Share

Shares information in real time with all users and staff through the web.


GPS/AVL system to integrate other information such as pavement/ambient temperature recordings, plowing, material spreading, grading and other maintenance activities.

Easy to Use

User friendly and intuituve, minimizing keyboard entry with a touch screen form fill design, picture and voice note recording capabilities.

Route Recording

Records vehicle routes and combines its observations with an existing vehicle.

Web Based

Web based management console logs weather checks and operation plans for MMS compliance.

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